Thursday, June 21, 2012

Genuine Turquoise and Quartz Jewelry in Austin, Nevada

Hubby and I together with a friend went to Round Mountain last month to visit a Mexican family. We dropped by at one of the few stores in Austin, Nevada on our way home. 

My friend Pinky bought himself a gorgeous men's ring.

Pinky inside the store

This building is very old already according to the saleslady

The one and only saleslady

Hubby bought one of the rings for me as my anniversary gift

This bangle is pricey

This ring is pricey too

Garnet stones

pendants and necklaces

polished stones

Different kind of rocks

more polished stones

Rose Quartz

Turquoise nuggets

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Friday, May 4, 2012

Collectibles at Imperial Palace in Las Vegas

If you are a collectibles enthusiast or you want to start collecting a certain stuff and... you happened to be in Las Vegas, don't forget to visit the 5th floor of the Imperial Palace by the strip. Not only can you find collection of vintage cars but you can also find different kinds of collectibles.

As follows;
Betty Boop :)

Coca Cola

Pepsi Cola

Route 66

Marilyn Monroe

Michael Jackson



Star Wars

Muhamad Ali

The Beatles

I Love Lucy

Elvis Presley

James Dean

Mini-Harley Davidson

Mini "Big Bike" Harley Davidson

another Harley Davidson Mini "Big Bike"


Bike Wheel Wall Clock

Have you found what you've been looking for? Or, have you chosen which stuff you would like to collect?

My choice is Betty Boop. Ain't she a hottie?

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cheap Las Vegas Flights with Hotel Accomodation

Hubby and I went to Las Vegas  to meet up my friend Weng and her husband John last month. We flew from Reno, Nevada as standby passengers  while Weng and John flew from Phoenix, Arizona.

US Airways

Hubby and I did not spend a lot of $$$ for the airfare because we used our son's employee benefits. Neither Weng and John because they got a good deal from US Airways website. They paid $162 including tax for round trip tickets for two plus a 3-night hotel accomodation in Imperial Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada. 

I am not paid by the US Airways for this post (I wish, hehehe), I just want to share what Weng and John had enjoyed.

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Friday, April 6, 2012

Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix

Who said that Las Vegas is for adults only? Children can have some fun in the "sin city" too.

Check these photos out:

Hubby took his 15-year old grand daughter here

look how pretty she is in that "go kart"

cool :)

that's her dad right in front

Records of fastest lap that day

spacious- they cater birthday parties too

more games
There are more available games inside for your kids to enjoy in case they don't pass the height requirement for go karts driving. They serve foods like burgers, sandwich and pizza. Also drinks like, soda, juice, hot chocolate, water and tea. Their foods and drinks are very affordable, trust me.

I forgot how much for the tickets but you can visit their website here for more information.

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

The BODIES Exhibit, Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada

One of the places we've been while in Las Vegas the other week was the exhibit of the "BODIES" at the Luxor Hotel. Hubby already had planned going to this exhibit before we arrived Las Vegas. So we went there together with our son and grand daughter.

Looking one by one at the scraped, sliced/chopped up parts of a human body made me almost puked. It was really disturbing. But since we were there to learn how the human body and all its systems work in a different approach, I had to see them objectively. Then I realized how amazing the exhibit was.

For me, the most interesting part of the exhibit was the real presentation of lungs of a smoker and non-smoker. The color of non-smoker's lungs was blackish. Gross. While I was staring at it, I imagined hubby's lungs. I was also wondering how he would react if he would see the gross, blackish lungs of a smoker like him.

For the record, I see no reaction from him at all.

Chinese looking, huh?

General Admission
Senior (Over 65 & Military)
Children (4-12)
Child (0-3)
Locals (with valid ID)


incase you want to donate your body

After the exhibit, we were encouraged to write our impressions about the whole experience. I was hesitant to do so but I scribbled few words anyway. I wrote: "Very educational!" ... March 18, 2012, Bechay was here with Rich, Clint and Devon.

I saw that Devon left some words too.

The experience was kind of disturbing but amazing and indeed educational all the same.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Imperial Palace Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada

credit to the owner of this photo- I forgot to take one

back part of the hotel

pet friendly


not bad

overlooking view

"how's the water?"
Hubby and I flew to Las Vegas last week to meet up our son and grand daughter and also to meet up my Pinay friend and her hubby. We've been there many times but it was our first time to fly and to stay at Imperial Palace Hotel & Casino.

We took the shuttle from the airport going to the hotel and we were dropped-off the rear part of the hotel building. That back part was filthy and a little bit creepy. Really.

Anyway, when we got inside the hotel, the place looked okay though but crowded, as in jam-packed, even the elevators. You have to squeezed in with other guests. It was stressful. We have not experienced the same in Reno hotels we have been.

We booked a King Bed Non-smoking room for $31.00 plus tax/night (we stayed 3 nights) without resort fee. The room was neat and tidy. The bath room was very clean, in fairness.

The foods at the Emperor's Buffet are okay.

If you wanna try your luck, don't play their slot machines because they suck, hehehe! I'd recommend you better play table games instead. Their dealers are entertainers at the same time. They are called "Dealertainers". They are "look-a- likes" of Taylor Swift, Rod Stewart, Beyonce, Avril Lavigne, Janet Jackson, Michel Jackson, etc. They're really good!

The experience was okay.

Their website is here.

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