Sunday, April 1, 2012

The BODIES Exhibit, Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada

One of the places we've been while in Las Vegas the other week was the exhibit of the "BODIES" at the Luxor Hotel. Hubby already had planned going to this exhibit before we arrived Las Vegas. So we went there together with our son and grand daughter.

Looking one by one at the scraped, sliced/chopped up parts of a human body made me almost puked. It was really disturbing. But since we were there to learn how the human body and all its systems work in a different approach, I had to see them objectively. Then I realized how amazing the exhibit was.

For me, the most interesting part of the exhibit was the real presentation of lungs of a smoker and non-smoker. The color of non-smoker's lungs was blackish. Gross. While I was staring at it, I imagined hubby's lungs. I was also wondering how he would react if he would see the gross, blackish lungs of a smoker like him.

For the record, I see no reaction from him at all.

Chinese looking, huh?

General Admission
Senior (Over 65 & Military)
Children (4-12)
Child (0-3)
Locals (with valid ID)


incase you want to donate your body

After the exhibit, we were encouraged to write our impressions about the whole experience. I was hesitant to do so but I scribbled few words anyway. I wrote: "Very educational!" ... March 18, 2012, Bechay was here with Rich, Clint and Devon.

I saw that Devon left some words too.

The experience was kind of disturbing but amazing and indeed educational all the same.

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