Saturday, November 30, 2013

Highway 50-The Lonelist Road in America

Photos are owned by the author. 

The hubby and I have passed this highway from the junction of Eureka and Smokey Valley to Fallon three times this month but the first two times, we traveled night time so I did not have an idea what it looks like until today. 

Only few cars were traveling so it was only me, hubby and the road most of the time. For 2 hours in this road, I've seen I think 5 cars/trucks only. No wonder it is called "the loneliest road in America". Because there was not much going on in it, I requested hubby to pull over so that I can pee in the ground, hahaha! 

This road is quite interesting because it is very rich in history. It has a lot of historical markings posted along side of the road and hubby told me  some old stories about it too while driving. 
Just sharing. Thanks for dropping by.

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