Thursday, November 28, 2013

What's in Round Mountain, NV? The Half Moon Saloon

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The Half Moon Saloon is the only saloon/bar in Hadley Circle, Round Mountain, NV. There is another one by Carvers, which is 7 miles from Hadley. It is located by the golf course and I think it is owned and operated by the Round Mountain Gold Corporation too, just like other establishments in Hadley. (Update:9/11/2014- This place is not owned by RMGC)

I wanted to see how it looks like inside but I went there early in the morning to take photos so it was still closed. 

I thought it was funny that there was Full Moon Saloon/Restaurant and The Half Moon Saloon in this place. And they don't have the same owners. Just being silly me.

Thank you for dropping by. You have a good one!

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