Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Quick Trip to Sacramento, California

It was a more or less a 2-hour trip from Reno to Sacramento and vice versa. We went there to meet and see my cousin Sandrin and husband Niel in person (we met thru Facebook only, hehehe!) and to also shop Filipino stuff in Seafoods City.

Along the way to Sacramento, we stopped by at the Emigration Gap vista point.

I was saving my battery phone so I did not take photos while the car is moving which I usually do.

My cute cousin and I on the photo above. Her husband was not feeling good so he was just sitting somewhere but he took the first photo and it was my husband who took the second photo.

I forgot to take a photo of the Seafood City building but not of the Jollibee :) When I first saw it, I screamed "Jollibee!!!" My husband thought I was so silly, hahaha! 

When we were inside the store, I was shocked to see Red Horse beers so I took a photo and hubby thought I liked them (I used to!) so he bought a 6-bottle pack, not in the picture. They are not for me, they're for hubby's Mexican friend, he said.

We planned to go to a restaurant somewhere in the vicinity for lunch but decided to just eat at the Chowking inside the store. I had Lomi. And I've got white chocolate candies and a Eiffel Tower key chain courtesy of Sandrin (she went to Europe last year). 

We chitchatted while eating and we left before rush hour. While on our way back to Reno, I told hubby I was feeling guilty for not bringing something for Sandrin. I actually wanted to bake goodies for her few days before the trip but forgot to. He said, "Well, apparently, Sandrin knew the word "pasalubong". Toink! He got me on that, harharhar! I promised to make it up next time.

Anyhow, It was a quick trip indeed! We invited Sandrin and hubby to come see us in Reno then we will take them to Virginia city. I really hope to see them again!

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Monday, January 20, 2014

I-80 East Rest Area in California

The hubby and I had a quick trip to Sacramento yesterday and we stopped by at rest areas to and fro.

I was very impressed with this rest area somewhere in between Donner Pass and Auburn.  It was squeaky clean! It has liquid soap dispenser and hand dryer which you can't find in rest areas in Northern Nevada particularly when traveling from Winnemucca to Round Mountain. And I almost forgot to mention that it has vending machine also.

The photo above was taken at the back of the building. The view of the lake is just amazing!

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Shoe Tree Along Highway 50

Hubby and I have passed this tree many times when we travel to Reno via Fallon since we moved to Round Mountain, Nevada. I've blogged about it 3 years ago but I haven't seen it with my own eyes until today. It was pretty cool! 

Whoever started this silly thing must be crazy, hehehe! I told hubby I have a pair of Skechers in the trunk that I can throw into the tree but he said, "No mahal, those are still new!" Of course, I was just kidding :)

Hubby said that it was not the original tree, some jerks cut and burned the old one. But another good soul made a new one! And thanks  to the travelers/passers who contributed :)

Well, I don't really know if having it is a good thing but it's kinda cool to see a shoe bearing tree in the middle of nowhere :) Ain't it nice when you have a reason to pull up then pee in the ground afterwards? Hahaha!

In the last photo, I am pointing to a cute white pair of Converse. I saw a pair of Vans too. And Skechers! 
I hope this blog will come out good because I am only using my phone.

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