Sunday, January 19, 2014

Shoe Tree Along Highway 50

Hubby and I have passed this tree many times when we travel to Reno via Fallon since we moved to Round Mountain, Nevada. I've blogged about it 3 years ago but I haven't seen it with my own eyes until today. It was pretty cool! 

Whoever started this silly thing must be crazy, hehehe! I told hubby I have a pair of Skechers in the trunk that I can throw into the tree but he said, "No mahal, those are still new!" Of course, I was just kidding :)

Hubby said that it was not the original tree, some jerks cut and burned the old one. But another good soul made a new one! And thanks  to the travelers/passers who contributed :)

Well, I don't really know if having it is a good thing but it's kinda cool to see a shoe bearing tree in the middle of nowhere :) Ain't it nice when you have a reason to pull up then pee in the ground afterwards? Hahaha!

In the last photo, I am pointing to a cute white pair of Converse. I saw a pair of Vans too. And Skechers! 
I hope this blog will come out good because I am only using my phone.

Thanks for dropping by! You have a good one!


  1. Awesome! I've been to Nevada but I've never seen or heard of this shoe tree. I hope I could drive there someday!

    1. Please send me a message when you visit Nevada so that I can take you there :) Thanks for dropping by!


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