Friday, March 7, 2014

Round Mountain Public Library

This has been my most favorite place since we moved back here in Round Mountain, Nevada, (have lived here for a month in 2008). 

It is one of my favorite places because I didn't have a choice and there is nowhere else to go, hahaha! Seriously, because they have tons of different kinds of reading materials and videos for everyone to borrow for a week and the staff are nice. They also offer free Notary public and also hold activities for adolescents and kids alike. I almost forgot to mention that they have a quite number of computer units with good Internet connection for anyone to use, of course, free of charge. Amazing, ain't it? I think it is, indeed.

I haven't really explored this place yet because so far, I have only been borrowing few books and videos of the TV Series "Bones"  and "Grey's Anatomy", my daughter's favorites. And my next target is to borrow "The Walking Dead", which is on the other hand, my son's favorite. Obviously, I am missing my kids. Yup, I am. Sigh.

Anyway, if you are reading this blog because you googled what's Round Mountain has to offer besides a mine job at Round Mountain Gold Corporation (RMGC), I hope this post helps.

Thank you for dropping by.

You have a good one!

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