Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Santa Fe Station Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada

The bed is not that bad. It is a kind of small but it's comfortable. 

The TV. At least it's flat, right?

Table and chair in the corner

Hubby and I have stayed there many times. The first time was when my stepson had a gig. When we come to Las Vegas for shopping or for medical appointment, we would stay choose this place. It has a cinema, bowling lanes, bars and a good number of places to eat. The casino floor is huge with, I am guessing, thousand of slot machines.

It is by US 95 North and just perfect for us since we come from Northern part of Nevada. If you want to escape the night life of the Strip, this place is an option.

The last time we were there was the night of April 14, 2015, my husband's birthday. We had a hard time getting sleep after our 3-week stay in the Philippines, we fell asleep after midnight when the emergency alarm went off. The noise was unbearable. I thought the hotel was on fire. I panicked. When I opened the door, other guests were outside already and they looked like they did not know what to do like me. I don't remember how long had it been like that but to me it was like forever. When the alarm quit, everyone felt relieved. Minutes after, the guard showed up telling everyone that it was a false alarm, everything is okay and that we can go back to our respective rooms. I thought it was rude because he did not even apologize or say something that would make us feel better, you know what I mean? I told my husband we are not going to stay there anymore.

Thank you for dropping by. Have a good one!