Friday, June 17, 2016

A Historical Visit to The Alamo, San Antonio Texas

The Alamo.

To see The Alamo for real has been my husband's kinda dream. I remember he mentioned it to me many times. We got lucky that our son got a job in Webster, thanks God! 

What's this Alamo all about? You may asked. The Alamo was an old Spanish church that was built during 1700's and was used as a fortress by Texans against Mexico. It is a very long story. Perhaps my husband can give you every detail about it or you may rather Google it. Tee hee! 

This view is at the back of the Alamo Church. 

This lady was patiently explaining to the public how to weave.

This building is next to the Alamo where they sell souvenir items. I love their items!

These guns are being displayed in the back of the Alamo.

Took photo of the beautiful Texas flag at the vicinity of the Alamo.

I took some time to read the information about the war and checking the names of the heroes. There were from other States and other countries like Denmark and Ireland with their respective names and there was this name that caught my attention, it says _______, "Black Freed man" only. I understood that this person was a slave before and have been freed. Too bad his name was unknown. 

The  church was crowded but people were moving quickly so it was not really bad. Only those history enthusiasts stayed very long inside like my husband. It is open and free for everyone but you can get a guided tour for I think $17 per person. Yes it is free but donation is appreciated. I donated $10.

The Alamo is beautifully well- preserved. Imagine, almost 200 years old already!

I learned 2 very interesting things about Texas! I learned from this trip that Texas was a part of Mexico then became a Republic of Texas before became one of the states of America! Very interesting to know, indeed!

Thank you for dropping by. Have a good one!