Saturday, March 24, 2012

Flying Standby Using Employee Benefit

Hubby and I have flown twice already as standby passengers using my stepson's employee benefits. My stepson who is a Flight Instructor of a German airline company Lufthansa, was very kind to put me as one of his beneficiaries, together with hubby of course. Thanks so much to him.

The benefits of which are: Airfare is more or less 50% off and the dates to fly are open which is good for I think 2 months and you can fly with Lufthansa's "partner" airlines. The disadvantage is that you are a standby passenger. Meaning, if there is no seats available, you have to wait for the next flight.

The first time hubby and I used the benefit was last February going to Phoenix, Arizona from Reno, Nevada with our grand daughter Erica. The first flight going to Phoenix was discouraging for me because there were only 2 seats available.  We didn't realize that it was a holiday weekend until we were in the airport. Erica flew ahead. I could have gone also but I did not want to leave hubby alone. So we looked for another flight. We found out that Reno to San Jose, California has lots of seats open so we took that flight then flew from San Jose to Phoenix. We flew with Southwest airlines during these two flights.

Flying back to Reno was hassle-free because there were many seats available. It was a Tuesday night. I thought it was pretty good! We flew with US Airways this time.

The second time hubby and I enjoyed the benefit was just last week from Reno to Las Vegas and vice versa. Both ways flying with Southwest airlines. To and fro- no hassle at all. It was just great!

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