Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Visiting Tucson, Arizona

After working 6 straight nights last week, I packed and headed to Tucson, Arizona to attend the 50th birthday party of my friend, Rowena and 23rd birthday party of her son Nico. With not getting enough sleep for 6 days and being too stressed out of the driving style of my husband (he raced with other crazy motorists the entire 6.5 hours from Las Vegas), I arrived haggard at the party. Nevertheless, I had a blast! I met and saw lots (as in lots like, more or less a 100) of Filipinos, got to dance a little, and enjoyed the appetizing food.

 Almira and I pose for a photo right after we found each other at
the Desert Diamond Hotel and Casino. 
She flew all the way from Virginia just to attend Rowena's birthday celebration.
 With the birthday celebrant Rowena and Almira. It was really great seeing them again! We belong to the same town back in the Philippines, they are neighbors and I live few kilometers away from their place.

 The party favors. 
Hubby was like, "What's in the box?"  
It's a miniature globe made of glass with a holder. 
It's really cute!

 The delicious Birthday cake of Rowena.
I did not have a photo of Nico's cake but it was equally delicious.

Four Points by Sheraton Hotel accommodate us.The rate is very affordable. The room is not that spacious but it has a safe for my important stuff, a refrigerator and a microwave oven. It is located very close to the Tucson Airport, 8 minutes away from the venue.

This road sign has been seen many times in Arizona.
This is the story.
I cannot find a photo of me and my husband together at the party, I guess we did not have one. That sucks! Anyhow, we drove back to Nevada State the following day.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

San Francisco California Trip 2019

My daughter is based in Japan and she came home for a short vacation last March to celebrate her birthday with us. We went to San Francisco, California to see the Golden Gate Bridge and to go to the Philippine Consulate for me to apply for a Philippine Passport.

We stayed at the JW Marriot Hotel in Sutter St. The room was not spacious but it was nice.

Jen, Jun and their Daddy Rich

Up close and personal with the the famous bridge in SF

By the parking area at the Golden Gate Bridge.

We got lost going to a beach where we supposed to see the Golden Gate Bridge from afar and we ended up to this beautiful sight.

Gigantic noodle soup bowl closed to the Philippine Embassy

China Town

Taken at the Union Square vicinity

This is taken at a rest area before San Francisco from Nevada side

My beautiful Marine

Also at the Union Square, the back side of this big heart says, "I left my heart in San Francisco"

The 2-queen beds of the JW Marriot Hotel in Sutter St.

Hubby and I

It was a wonderful trip, stayed 1 night only though. We tried to stay for another night in the hotel but the rate went up from $200 plus per night to $370 plus tax for the second night so we decided to just check out and drove back to Nevada.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Visiting New York in Winter time is not a good idea.

It was winter when I went to the Big Apple and I did not enjoy it as much as I wanted to. I am not a fan of cold weather. I mean, I love the snow but I dislike the coldness it brings.

It was December and the lights in the city were gorgeous during the night but seriously, I'd rather have stayed in the apartment we rented thru Air BnB and I'd just be in my bed keeping myself warm under a blanket than going out wearing 3 layers of clothing plus winter jacket, thick socks, boots, hat, scarf and with gloves on. I am from Northern Nevada and it gets really cold here but the coldness I experienced in New York was way different. It was freezing cold!

Hats off to the people who chose to live there. I can't. I think I would die in the winter. Seriously.

Sharing some photos I took while roaming around New York City.

Love the lights!

This building looks different from the others in the block so I took a photo of it.

The one and only Statue of Liberty

Can't remember this place.
While waiting for the cruise going to the Statue of Liberty.
I am not sure where did I take this photo

I think this is at the vicinity of the Park.

The pretty girls Caritta and Cheyenne.
The Catholic Church.

Beautiful snowy night when we arrived.

My friend Caritta tasting the New York fresh snow.
I can not just ignore this building when passing by.

The famous New York Cheesecake. It's delicious!
Cool, yeah?

This photo is taken in the Park

These are really huge!
With the gorgeous Cheyenne at an Irish Pub

Irish Pubs are everywhere in the Big Apple. We went to 3 Irish pubs actually.

Memorial of the 911 victims.

If you have noticed, I only have 1 photo on this post. It is because I did not want to have picture of me taken because I was concerned of keeping myself warm. We did a lot of walking and I literally was freezing and trembling while doing so. I promised I will come back during summer or fall, hopefully next year.

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