Wednesday, November 20, 2013

DMV Office in Tonopah, NV

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Because we had sold our junks, err...  ancient but not fancy cars before we moved to Round Mountain, and because we did not get a chance to surrender the License plates in DMV Winnemucca Office, I had to go to DMV Tonopah Office, a 45- min drive from Round Mountain, to surrender the License plates. Hubby was worried of me driving alone so my Mexican friend Josefina and her sister took me there. You wont ever get lost because the office is located next to the "only" grocery store in town, Scolaris. 

The office is very neat and tidy. The staff was warm and friendly in a professional manner. There was only 1 client when I came in and she was filling out paperwork so the staff helped me right away. I was in the office for only 3 minutes or so. That was the fastest  transaction I have ever done in a DMV office! Aside from having been to DMV Winnemucca where I got my permit, I also have been to DMV Hawthorne where I took and passed my driving test. Although Winnemucca and Hawthorne are both considered "small" place, Tonopah is way smaller, that is why my transaction went that fast, hehehe!

So if you ever wondered if Tonopah, NV has a DMV Office, yes, it has!
Thanks for dropping by! You have a good one!

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