Sunday, November 24, 2013

Siena Hotel, Spa and Casino in Reno, Nevada

Hubby and I stayed in this hotel for the first time together when we flew to Orange County via Phoenix to buy a second hand truck last October. That was my second time already because the first was when I was with my former co-workers during a lab tour in Reno and my former company paid for our stay.

This place is small compared to Peppermill Hotel and Casino but it is very neat and tidy. I think there were only two places to eat. I have been to their steakhouse before but it was replaced with a different name already, not as fancy as the former. I like its interior design. The decor of the lobby and hallway are pleasing to my eyes because it has not too much "drama" in it. I wish my friend Nathalie had seen this place (she has an eye for a good interior design) who, with her husband, Randy, took us from Winnemucca to Reno that night but they stayed in a different hotel.

I have not tried their spa services so I can't say anything about it but I am pretty sure it is good too.

I almost forgot to mention that this hotel is pet-friendly. I was asked if I had one when I checked in. I have seen people playing inside the casino with pet in their lap. If my mind serves me right, the desk clerk said that guests with pet will be charged cleaning fee or deposit fee, something like that, I think it was $30. Better ask them before you make a reservation and the number is 1-775-327-4362.

The only thing hubby did not like about this place is, there is no parking garage. He would prefer to stay in a hotel with parking garage. He hated it when we park outside especially during winter time. Otherwise, hubby and I are happy guests.

Thank you for dropping by. You have a good one!

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