Saturday, April 5, 2014

A Beautiful Trip to Kingston, Nevada

I've finally been able to sit behind the wheel of hubby's GMC Suburban, almost 2 years after I wrecked and totaled his Yukon XL and almost 2 years of only driving my Impala car because of trauma. The destination: Kingston, Nevada. A 45-mile town, north of Round Mountain, about 5 miles from the highway.

Beyond this welcome sign I've seen a neat, quiet and beauteous little town that I never thought existed out in the middle of nowhere. I love nature that is why I thought this place was just amazing!

This place is just breathtakingly beautiful! Ooops, did I mention that there is an airport here? And I heard that people who live here are kind of well off.

Anyway,  Hubby and I are definitely coming back in the summer, fall and winter!

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