Friday, April 25, 2014

Diana's Punch Bowl Hot Spring in Monitor Valley, Nevada

This hot spring is located at the top of a hill in Monitor Valley, Nevada. It looks like a punch bowl, hence, the name. It is not known to me why it was named after a woman's name, Diana. Perhaps Diana is a Goddess of some kind or maybe they named it after Princess Diana, hahaha, just kidding, of course this hot spring has been here before the late Princess was not even born.

You cannot soak in the water because first and foremost, there is no easy way to go down, second, maybe the water is very hot and, third, maybe the US government prohibit the public (there was no sign though) of doing so to preserve this geothermal feature.

My friend's daughter found a long snake coming from a small hole in the vicinity so watch out for this creature when you come this place.

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