Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Death Valley Nut & Candy Co. in Beatty, Nevada

Everytime hubby and I go to Las Vegas, we always stop by at this place to use their restroom, to gas up and to buy candies, homemade ice cream or to buy sandwich from Subway.

They have quite a few selections of sweet treats like chocolate fudge,white chocolate with walnuts,chocolate covered peanuts, orange slice, peanut brittle, gummy worms, my favorite gummy bears, and many more.

They also sell toys for boys and girls, post cards, chips and the likes. 

In my opinion, 99 percent of motorists passing this place would stop by for the same reasons I mentioned above because there is no other decent place to stop by in between Las Vegas and Tonopah but this place.

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Monday, January 5, 2015

Got a Room Upgrade at the Reno Peppermill!

I made a late check-in reservation for a King Bed Non-Smoking room at the Peppermill Hotel and Casino in Reno, Nevada last month for my husband's Dental check-up the following day. It was a late check-in because we left Round Mountain after my husband got off work from a 12-hour shift.

It was past 09:00 o'clock in the evening when we checked-in. The girl at the front desk informed me that she upgraded my room for the SAME rate because she already have sold all King Bed Non-Smoking rooms. I was like, ""Okay, as long as I don't have to pay more".

I remember when I paid for an upgrade room at the Atlantis Hotel and Casino, also in Reno, Nevada, I was very upset because it was like a downgrade instead. Seriously. The room was smaller and the shower curtain looked old and nasty. I swear, their regular rooms which we have had stayed in the past were so much better. I even called the front desk to make sure it was really an upgrade. The reason why I upgraded it because hubby was too tired to wait for 3:00 o'clock, which is the check-in time, we arrived in the hotel past 1:00 o'clock that day. The guy at the front told me we can get a room right away if I will upgrade it but I have to pay $25 or $30 more (I forgot the exact amount). So I went ahead and paid more because I want my husband to get a rest and be comfortable after a long drive. It was a bad decision.

Anyway, I was not really expecting a nice room after that experience. I just wanted to have a place to stay for the night. 

When I opened the room, I was stunned.

Check these photos out:

Yup, the room was gorgeous! The California King bed looked inviting so hubby jumped on right away and snore after a minute or two, hehe!

I was like, "Oh, I wish we did not have to work tomorrow. I want to stay for another night..."

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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Visiting Old Round Mountain Nevada

Crossing sign built by Round Mountain Gold Corporation
The west side of the old town
Old cemetery which is a historical site
A view of an old town with dilapidated houses
Old gas stove and road signs
Old buildings (above photo) and old trailer (bottom photo)
old Fire Station (above photo) and old bar (bottom photo)
Above photo is the boundary between the old town and RMGC
These views amazed me when I approached "No Trespassing" sign and looked down

Old Round Mountain is an old town that was put by Round Mountain Gold Corporation long time ago. Over the years, the mine expanded to a point that they have to move the town. For some reasons, there are some people in the town that did not want to leave even the mine was buying their properties.

Since the cemetery is over a hundred years old, they were able to convinced the government  to have it proclaimed as a historical site. In view of this, the Round Mountain Gold Corporation can not touch this old little town anymore for any expansion in the future.

What an interesting story, huh?

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Stokes Castle in Austin Nevada

 Happy New Year! 

I have not blogged for quite some time now. Been busy with my new job. This post has been in my draft for months so I just decided to go ahead and publish it.

Finally, I have been able to see this castle after planning to stop by while driving Highway50 many times. It was late in the afternoon when my Filipino friends and I decided to stop by, hence, photos are not really clear.

The second photo tells us the history of this place. It is interesting and it is nice to learn something from the past.

Austin is one of the ghost towns in Nevada where thousands of people had lived this place in 1800s during the gold rush.

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