Sunday, January 4, 2015

Visiting Old Round Mountain Nevada

Crossing sign built by Round Mountain Gold Corporation
The west side of the old town
Old cemetery which is a historical site
A view of an old town with dilapidated houses
Old gas stove and road signs
Old buildings (above photo) and old trailer (bottom photo)
old Fire Station (above photo) and old bar (bottom photo)
Above photo is the boundary between the old town and RMGC
These views amazed me when I approached "No Trespassing" sign and looked down

Old Round Mountain is an old town that was put by Round Mountain Gold Corporation long time ago. Over the years, the mine expanded to a point that they have to move the town. For some reasons, there are some people in the town that did not want to leave even the mine was buying their properties.

Since the cemetery is over a hundred years old, they were able to convinced the government  to have it proclaimed as a historical site. In view of this, the Round Mountain Gold Corporation can not touch this old little town anymore for any expansion in the future.

What an interesting story, huh?

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