Saturday, March 28, 2015

Jack's Ridge in Davao City, Philippines

It was still closed when we arrived at 10:00 in the morning, the guard tried to collect 20php (more or less US $.50) per head from us but we said we will order something to drink or eat when they are ready so he let us in. We dined out here the other night and there was no some sort of an entrance fee. I am guessing that they collect fees from sight seers only or I'd say, when the place is not yet open for business. 

Anyway, we ordered Halo-halo and scoops of Ice cream. Because there were 14 of us, they collected service fee. Let's say, the Halo-halo was 95php, they charged us 105php. The Halo- halo and ice cream were not bad but the service was, because there was only one staff serving us. It was like a self- service thingy because we were the ones who set the tables and chairs up. I'd recommend not to come to this place early like we did because you wouldn't enjoy it. 

I like this place because it is overlooking Davao city. I have been here 3 times, at the Taklobo Restaurant only. The first time was like 8 years ago. I am not a coffee lover so I have never been to their coffee shop which is located nearby. There is also a videoke bar which I have never been either. 

I was surprised to see that they have a swimming pool here. Also, they have Japanese tunnels and a war plane that were used during World War 2. It was my first time to come to this place during the day and I am glad I did. I learned more about Davao City and the green surroundings made me connected to Mother Nature and made me appreciate how beautiful my beloved country is.

When you are in Davao, you do not want to miss this place. Make it at the top of your list.

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