Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada

The huge bed.
The living room.

I love that there is TV in the living room.
The bathroom. Did you see that small TV up in the corner?
The tub.
The TV facing the bed. Lots of TVs,huh?

This hotel is beautiful!

At first we were kind of got lost, went to Palazzo front desk instead, (apparently we parked our car in their garage too) which is a connecting hotel/sister hotel. The staff told us that he could check us in on The Venetian website but suggested to better check in at the Palazzo to save us from walking quite a distance to The Venetian. My husband being nice said "Yes, we can do that" but upon hearing it, I got upset and said with a poker face, "I want to stay at The Venetian Hotel period" then walked out.

I was just sitting at the far end corner of the lobby, looking at the people around (which 80% of them were Chinese), waiting for my husband to pass by and after a few minutes he showed up with key cards on his hand and said, Okay my love, let's go to The Venetian, are you happy now?" I gave him a beautiful smile and said, "Yes, let's go"!

On our way to our suites (they all have suites only and we reserved 2 for me and hubby and for our son Clint and our grand daughter Devon), I was observing the huge Casino floor and was seeing quite a number of places to eat and different high end stores to shop. I was like, "Wow"!

I liked it that there is a Security kiosk every floor going to the suites and the hallway is just clean. I love their carpet and their elegant decor.

When we opened the suite, I was stunned! Gorgeous! When we opened the other suite (connecting room) for our son, it was equally gorgeous! I love, love it!

The bed is huge and the living room is just perfect! The bathroom is spacious and I think I could stay there for hours because of the TV inside. For the record, there are 3 TV sets inside the suite and we did not even bother to turn one of them on.

The entire room was very neat and tidy!

There is a Gondola Grand Canal Shoppes where you can take a ride for a fee and  also a Wax Museum (we went in there and had fun) and I heard that their pool is spectacular but we were not able to check it out which is a bummer. Hopefully on our next stay.

By the way, this beautiful hotel is pretty much close to everything because it is by the strip!

I am glad I had preferred to stay here instead of the Palazzo and I am glad hubby supported me. I felt bad for my daughter though who was not with us but I promised her to stay here again on our next trip with her.

On the other note, I might consider to stay at the Palazzo in one of our future trips and make a review as well.

Thank you for dropping by!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Madam Tussauds in Las Vegas, Nevada

I've live 4 hours away from the Sin City since 2014 but I did not know about this place until just recently, when I googled "Things to do in Las Vegas, Nevada".

The husband together with our son and grand daughter checked this place out 3 weeks ago and we had a good time! 

We went in after 6pm because the ticket was a lot cheaper but we could have still went in there earlier and got a cheaper price as well, because we are locals. Yes, they offer discount to locals or Nevada Driver License holders.

Madam Tussauds is a "wax museum" where we find waxed figures of celebrities. I was looking for Obama's and Kobe's but they don't have them but it was okay, we still had fun anyway.

Sharing the photos below:

I don't know his name, I bet he is a country singer. Do you know him by chance?

With One Direction :) Pretty cool, huh?

I am with the guy who pursued Happyness, Mr. Will Smith.

With Rihanna

My silly husband with Incredible Hulk, hehehe!

Hubby with I don't know who this guy was. Heard he got killed in Las Vegas.

Hubby again with this gorgeous lady. I wonder who she is.

Elvis Presley with Devon, my gorgeous grand daughter.

Well, that was it! Thank you for taking your time checking out this post. 

Have a good one!