Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Atlantis Hotel and Casino Jacuzzi Suite

The comfortable  bed.

The inviting Jacuzzi tub.

The neat sink.

The front area of the room.

The spacious shower. 

The view from the room. It is on the 20th floor. 
I wish this photo was taken during night time.

We reserved 1 King bed for 2 nights but upon checking in, the front desk staff informed us that we will be in a Jacuzzi suite on the first night and in a 2bed- room on the second night. The first night we will pay zero because we used the coupon the hotel sent us via mail and on the second night we will pay discounted rate of $29.00 plus tax for being a player's card holder.

Anyway, I don't really like moving to another room because it is a hassle, I asked the staff if we could just stay in the same room, in the suite, it doesn't matter how much the charges would be, unfortunately the room has been reserved for another guest who specifically requested it for the following night. That was a bummer but at least we had one night in a Jacuzzi suite, right? 

I enjoyed the Jacuzzi tub, it was actually my first time! Looking forward to use my 3night-Jacuzzi suite certificate which I won from Atlantis Online Slot contest last January!

Thank you for dropping by, have  a good one!