Sunday, October 16, 2016

Reno Automobile Museum

My husband, my daughter and I were in Reno and we were pretty much done with everything, got a little bored, we decided to go check the Automobile Museum out. We have been to an Automobile Museum in Las Vegas so this our second time checking out cool old cars in a museum.

I forgot how much was the entrance fee but I remember it was not that much. The place is neat and spacious. They have "tour guide", I think, for free but we decided to just wander around ourselves. 

The cars are really in good shape and gorgeous!  I enjoyed reading every bit of information in each car. And guess what? 80% of the cars in the museum were donated by Harrah's Hotel and Casino.

Yep. They must have been filthy rich!


What a cool automobile!

Hubby like this. I don't know why. I thought it is dull looking.

Old gas station

This was one of my the favorites

I love their colors!

I love black too :)

Hubby said he had exactly like this years back

Sky Chief is not existing anymore, right?

It looks like a plane!

This is the front view of the previous pic

This looks like a "rugged" car

My daughter and I

My cute daughter :)

This is the only "car" that we were allowed to hop in and pretend to drive for a photo shoot, 
the rest are for "your eyes only"

We had a great time at the museum! Thank you for dropping by! 

Have a good one!

The Wynn Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada

The Wynn Hotel and Casino is one of the luxurious hotels in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is very classy, actually the description "classy" is an under statement. It has a sister and connecting hotel called "Encore" which is equally classy. Its location is very close to the strip.

The entrance hall from the elevator. Fabulous!

Oops, never mind my purse. 

The beds

The "skinny" tub. The bathroom is huge too.

I love their many kinds of green salads! 

Busy place but their foods are worth the wait!

I've stayed here for 2 nights with my daughter and my husband. We had a really great experience. There are quite a few numbers of restaurants inside the hotel and we went to 3 of them; The Red 8 Bistro, Zoozacrackers and The Buffet. We had great time and we had good food in all of these places.

Because it is a luxurious and lavish hotel, I signed up on their website and grabbed their promo which was 2 night-stay with no cancellation. It was a good deal but still a little pricey of course compared to other hotels in Las Vegas but it was all worth it.

The room is spotless and spacious and the bathroom is spacious as well which I liked most. I love their robe and towels! The curtain has a built in controller that you can just close or open it while you are still in bed, something like that. My daughter and I thought it was amazing and she exclaimed, "This hotel is high-tech!"

The Casino has a lot to offer if you play either table games or slot machines. I play slot machines only. I played their Cool Jewels slot machine and the other next to it, the "cupcake" slot machine, sorry I forgot the name. Just so you know, I did not win. I lost $40 but I enjoyed playing for hours so it was all good.
It was winter time when we stayed so I did not even think about their pool and cabanas but I am pretty sure, they have extra ordinary ones here. They also have shows also but we did not check it either. Maybe next time. Soon.
Oh, I almost forget! This hotel has high ends stores that sells latest fashion on bags, jewelry, clothes and other accessories. I wanted to check their store that sells home decor but I was afraid I would just get upset when I found one but could not be able to afford it, tee hee!

I love The Wynn Hotel and Casino!
Thank you for your dropping by! Have a good one!