Thursday, August 30, 2018

Bury's Orchard, South Bigfork, Montana

After our 7-day Alaska Cruise trip via Seattle, Washington, hubby and I made a side trip to Montana to see the Glacier National Park. On our way there, I noticed lots of signs of Cherry Orchards along side of the road. Oh, I love Cherries! I asked my husband to pull up but he was not really sure which orchard are we gonna go until he saw an arrow sign of an orchard, it was not along side of the road and I remember we had to turn right a little ways before we saw this beautiful signage of Bury's Orchard.

 Sweet cherries!

The place is immaculate! It is not really big but they have different varieties of cherries and they also have walnuts, raspberries, plums and grapes! Hubby talked to the lady owner while I was busy picking cherries, taking photos and videos. It was overwhelming! I couldn't remember how many cherries I ate straight from the trees. And I have no idea how much per pound but my husband said it was really cheap. 

  My husband loves their 1946 Chevy farm truck

Look at the well-maintained grass, the entire yard looks like that. And that's the orchard in the other side of the truck. Everything is green and I can't take my eyes off of the cherry trees bearing incredibly beautiful fruits!

I recommend this place if you want to try Montana cherries.

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