Wednesday, August 8, 2018

My First Cruise Experience

It was amazing and hubby and I would like to do it again!

July 20-27, 2018 with Celebrity Solstice from Seattle, Washington to 3 islands in Alaska then to Victoria, Canada then back to Seattle.

At first I was nervous to do it because I was thinking the boat will rock and it will make me dizzy and make me puke and that is not good, right? Another thing is that I was afraid I could get diarrhea because I have heard horror stories before about a cruise line which half of the passengers got food poisoning or something like that and that is a scary thing to happen.

I made sure our passports are still valid, otherwise, we cannot get into the boat. A month before the sailing or earlier than that, we've checked in online already to get a Sea Pass, it is the version of a Boarding Pass when flying. They have a no cash policy so they need the last 4 digits of my Debit card or Credit card to get a Sea Pass then I printed our luggage tags, I printed out 6 of them in a colored ink and attached one in our suit case following the how to.

Checking in on the sailing day was very smooth since we already prepared our passports, Sea Pass and the Credit card that we used when we checked-in online. The staff was with all smiles when she handed me my key card and my husband's.
Going through security was very systematic and organized so it was hassle-free. 

Before entering the boat, there were photo ops and they make sure we sanitized our hands so a staff was in the front of the gangway to gave as a spray or two of Purrel sanitizer which I thought cool and a must.

The key card the lady handed to us is like an identification card, credit card, and a room key in one. The info of the muster point in case of emergency is also found in the card and I thought it was a brilliant idea.

When the boat started sailing, we heard an announcement to head to muster point as stated on the card for safety instructions and info in case of emergency. Everyone was there because no one was exempted.

We stayed in an inside stateroom which was not bad because we did not really stay there all the time as we always go out exploring the boat. They clean the room twice a day which I thought it was too much. And every afternoon, the room attendant would leave the schedule of activities for the following day. We also get information of the activities on TV.

The boat was like a floating little city minus cars. Seriously, I was in awe! What really amazed me was when I saw the sign pointing to the Dialysis center. Someone needed Dialysis could still be on the cruise, how amazing is that!

Also, they have Casino inside the ship. It was funny because I went down to the Casino twice while the ship was docked in an island and both times it was closed. I kinda wondered. Then someone explained that the Casino is only allowed to be opened when at sea because it is not legal to open when it is docked. And I was like, "Ah.. okay, hehe!"

I took lots of photos while on the cruise. Will post them separately.

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