Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cheap Las Vegas Flights with Hotel Accomodation

Hubby and I went to Las Vegas  to meet up my friend Weng and her husband John last month. We flew from Reno, Nevada as standby passengers  while Weng and John flew from Phoenix, Arizona.

US Airways

Hubby and I did not spend a lot of $$$ for the airfare because we used our son's employee benefits. Neither Weng and John because they got a good deal from US Airways website. They paid $162 including tax for round trip tickets for two plus a 3-night hotel accomodation in Imperial Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada. 

I am not paid by the US Airways for this post (I wish, hehehe), I just want to share what Weng and John had enjoyed.

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And here I wish you a fantastic day... Bechay


  1. nice LA!
    blogging from gt! :)

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