Saturday, November 30, 2013

Highway 50-The Lonelist Road in America

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The hubby and I have passed this highway from the junction of Eureka and Smokey Valley to Fallon three times this month but the first two times, we traveled night time so I did not have an idea what it looks like until today. 

Only few cars were traveling so it was only me, hubby and the road most of the time. For 2 hours in this road, I've seen I think 5 cars/trucks only. No wonder it is called "the loneliest road in America". Because there was not much going on in it, I requested hubby to pull over so that I can pee in the ground, hahaha! 

This road is quite interesting because it is very rich in history. It has a lot of historical markings posted along side of the road and hubby told me  some old stories about it too while driving. 
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Thursday, November 28, 2013

What's in Round Mountain, NV? The Half Moon Saloon

 Photos are owned by the author

The Half Moon Saloon is the only saloon/bar in Hadley Circle, Round Mountain, NV. There is another one by Carvers, which is 7 miles from Hadley. It is located by the golf course and I think it is owned and operated by the Round Mountain Gold Corporation too, just like other establishments in Hadley. (Update:9/11/2014- This place is not owned by RMGC)

I wanted to see how it looks like inside but I went there early in the morning to take photos so it was still closed. 

I thought it was funny that there was Full Moon Saloon/Restaurant and The Half Moon Saloon in this place. And they don't have the same owners. Just being silly me.

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Maverick Convenience Store and Gas Station in Battle Mountain, NV

This is where we buy gas before we head to Winnemucca, driving from Round Mountain. This is a bigger store compared to two Maverick stores in Winnemucca, NV.

I so like this place because their rest room is always clean every time I go in. And hubby likes their beef jerky :)

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What's in Round Mountain, NV? Shoshone Market

The photos are owned by the author

Shoshone Market is the one and only convenience store in Round Mountain. Because it is located along the highway, we would stop by to gas up and buy sandwich and chips, and, drinks when we go out of town, like when we go to Reno or Winnemucca.

The gas here is pretty expensive so hubby would just buy enough then we will gas up full thank in Fallon if we are going to Reno or we will gas up in Battle Mountain if we are heading to Winnemucca.

Ain't it amazing when there is only one place to go to buy sub sandwich when you want one? Hehehe! This is Round Mountain and I love living here.

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Monday, November 25, 2013

What's in Round Mountain, NV? The Full Moon Saloon No More

Photos are owned by the author
When hubby and I talked about moving back to Round Mountain, the first thing that came up to my mind was this "restaurant/bar". It is located along the highway, more or less 7 miles from Hadley where we live. 

My kids and I have been to this place 5 years ago when me we were still new to United States. It is supposedly the only "fancy" place to eat and to unwind in Round Mountain. Alas, not anymore. 

I found out that it has been closed for more than a year already because the owner passed away and no one took over so no one was paying the mortgage and now it is bank-owned already.
Pretty sad.

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

What's in Round Mountain, NV? The General Store


The General Store is the one and only grocery store in Round Mountain, NV. It has a little bit of everything. I was surprised when I found out that their prices are not really bad! Probably because the Round Mountain Gold Corporation or RMGC owns it. Yup, the mine owns it and all employees are connected to the mine. They also enjoyed all benefits offered by RMGC to the miners. Pretty cool, huh? 

The people in this store are warm and friendly. And every time I come in, I would always look for Mary Rose, the one and only Filipino in Round Mountain before I moved in here. Now she is having me, hehehe! 

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Siena Hotel, Spa and Casino in Reno, Nevada

Hubby and I stayed in this hotel for the first time together when we flew to Orange County via Phoenix to buy a second hand truck last October. That was my second time already because the first was when I was with my former co-workers during a lab tour in Reno and my former company paid for our stay.

This place is small compared to Peppermill Hotel and Casino but it is very neat and tidy. I think there were only two places to eat. I have been to their steakhouse before but it was replaced with a different name already, not as fancy as the former. I like its interior design. The decor of the lobby and hallway are pleasing to my eyes because it has not too much "drama" in it. I wish my friend Nathalie had seen this place (she has an eye for a good interior design) who, with her husband, Randy, took us from Winnemucca to Reno that night but they stayed in a different hotel.

I have not tried their spa services so I can't say anything about it but I am pretty sure it is good too.

I almost forgot to mention that this hotel is pet-friendly. I was asked if I had one when I checked in. I have seen people playing inside the casino with pet in their lap. If my mind serves me right, the desk clerk said that guests with pet will be charged cleaning fee or deposit fee, something like that, I think it was $30. Better ask them before you make a reservation and the number is 1-775-327-4362.

The only thing hubby did not like about this place is, there is no parking garage. He would prefer to stay in a hotel with parking garage. He hated it when we park outside especially during winter time. Otherwise, hubby and I are happy guests.

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Toiyabe Cafe in Austin, Nevada

I have been passing by this place many times from Winnemucca, NV to Round Mountain and vice versa and from Winnemucca to Las  Vegas and vice versa but I never thought to stop by to eat or to buy drinks until a Filipino friend told me that it is a neat place to eat and they sell yummy smoothies with many flavors to choose from.

On our recent trip, I mentioned it to hubby and we stopped by. The place is small as I expected and there was only one person tending it. There was a couple in one of the tables having lunch. I bought a pineapple smoothie for me and a chocolate smoothie for hubby. My Filipino friend was right, the pineapple smoothie was really good! I ordered a large cup and I finished it which is unusual :)

This place is already in my list. I will try their raspberry smoothie in our next trip, which is next week, yay! Excited here!

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Peppermill Hotel and Casino in Reno, Nevada

I have been to this place numerous times and I have taken photos numerous times also but blogging about it was not my priority until this very early morning. Since we moved to Round Mountain, NV, we only get good Internet connection at this time of the day so I thought to start blogging.

Peppermill  is one of the nicest hotels in Reno, Nevada and it is located in the heart of the city. Hubby likes to stay in this hotel because of its parking garage. I like to stay here because of its gorgeous rooms, fancy restos, huge casino floor and other amenities which are too many to mention. 

If you happen to be in Reno, you may want to stay at Peppermill Hotel and Casino.

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

One Afternoon at Teglia Paradise Park

I was browsing this travel blog when I noticed this draft in one of my posts. I can't believed that I forgot to publish it! Geez.

Anyway, the photos above are some of my favorite photos I have ever taken, in fact, one of them is a cover photo of my Facebook timeline :) 

Teglia Paradise Park is one of the beautiful places to enjoy in Reno, Nevada. Hubby took me there while we were driving around the city. I fell in love with the place. 

In the fourth photo, the man feeding the birds is a Filipino. He did not know that I was taking photo of him, hehehe! I was wondering how long has he been doing that in the park.

Just sharing this beautiful creations of our Lord Almighty. Thank you for dropping by.

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

DMV Office in Tonopah, NV

Photos are owned by the author

Because we had sold our junks, err...  ancient but not fancy cars before we moved to Round Mountain, and because we did not get a chance to surrender the License plates in DMV Winnemucca Office, I had to go to DMV Tonopah Office, a 45- min drive from Round Mountain, to surrender the License plates. Hubby was worried of me driving alone so my Mexican friend Josefina and her sister took me there. You wont ever get lost because the office is located next to the "only" grocery store in town, Scolaris. 

The office is very neat and tidy. The staff was warm and friendly in a professional manner. There was only 1 client when I came in and she was filling out paperwork so the staff helped me right away. I was in the office for only 3 minutes or so. That was the fastest  transaction I have ever done in a DMV office! Aside from having been to DMV Winnemucca where I got my permit, I also have been to DMV Hawthorne where I took and passed my driving test. Although Winnemucca and Hawthorne are both considered "small" place, Tonopah is way smaller, that is why my transaction went that fast, hehehe!

So if you ever wondered if Tonopah, NV has a DMV Office, yes, it has!
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