Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Chedson's Suites in San Francisco, Agusan del Sur

I am guessing that the name of this hotel was taken from CH-erry (the wife's name), EDwin (husband's name), SON from InSON, their last name. I should have asked my former co-worker Ate Inday if I was right. She recommended this place because it is owned by her sister Cherry Inson whom I personally know as well. We even had a little talk when we checked in. I also know her husband but apparently he did not recognize me when I said "Hi" and waved at him because as he greeted back his face looked like "who the hell are you?", hehehe!

Anyway, this place is new, in fact they were doing some little finishing touches here and there but the room is really pretty and very neat. The bathroom with hot and cold shower is kind of small for an American guest like hubby but for me it is just perfect. The coffee is not free but you can buy it from the front desk and hot/cold water is available in the lobby which we did not notice until the second night.  Hubby had to go to Jollibee to get coffee, hehehe! The room has 2 mugs carefully wrapped in a brown paper for the guests to use. I did not know that they serve breakfast until the front desk clerk told me that she was taking other guest downstairs for breakfast. I was wondering how much would it be.

The room rate was 1,500PhP with 2 full size beds for 2 persons, and you have to pay extra (which I forgot how much was it), for every extra guest that will stay. My son, daughter and a nephew stayed with us and they were provided with towel, soap and shampoo too. There was no front desk clerk in the night but the Security Guard has always been helpful. 

It was a comfortable stay until the power quit. They had back-up generator but it had been used for a few hours only. Unfortunately, my husband got a flu so we decided to check out a day earlier than scheduled and returned to Davao City. 

Thank you for dropping by. Have a good one!

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