Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Walking Around the River Walk, San Antonio, Texas

After the Tour at the Alamo, we headed to the River Walk. Someone gave us directions and we were thankful. We walked few feet from across the street of the Alamo, took the cemented "stairs" and we ended up to this German bar. 

We followed the bank of the river to the right and we went through this fancy mall called The Shops of Paseo del Alamo. 

We passed by this British Pub.

River Walk is huge.

I am wondering what this place looks like on night time. I bet the lights will make prettier and romantic while strolling around or while eating by the river bank.

I wanted to ride the boat but my husband and son did not feel like they wanted to. 

I think this building is an Italian Restaurant.

I enjoyed watching people walking around, and having fun here and there.

It is so cool that they made this River a tourist haven.

Had to take a rest after walking around. Hubby's knees started bothering him.

While I was sitting down chilling, I imagined how pretty this place would be on Christmas time. Christmas lights and lanterns would make this place really really gorgeous. I remember long time ago when  I was still new to United States, my husband mentioned this place but never in my wildest dream that I could be able to come here because he doesn't like Texas that much. Thank God my son got a job here.

I had a fabulous time at the River Walk. When given a chance to come back again, I would love to do it during Christmas season. It would be fantastic!

Thank you for dropping by. Have a good one!

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