Thursday, April 30, 2015

Davao Pearl Farm Escapade Part III

 Photo op while waiting for the breakfast buffet. What a lovely background.

Hubby pauses and poses for a picture while walking down the steep steps.

This is the pathway leading to the Balay/HillTop accommodations.

A View from the Balay/ Hill Top.

Hubby and I love Pearl Farm Resort! We sure going to come back again in our next trip to the Philippines.

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Eden Nature's Park in Davao City

We were ready to leave when I took this photo, and I was like,"I refuse to love EDEN, I just have to have photo for my blog". 
I love herbs so I thought to take this photo. The prices are not really bad.

This was the plated snack that we had with a small plastic cup of soda. That's worth Php200.00 something.
I did not go inside the shop because we directly headed down to the children's park to wait for the lunch buffet.

It was a big mistake for me, hubby and my daughter to go this place last April 9th, 2015, which was "Araw ng Kagitingan", a regular holiday in the Philippines. The parking area was full and  the receiving area was jam-packed. The whole place was very crowded. I was pretty amazed. 

And guess what, I bumped into my ex hubby's Aunt Hermie Tiu with her entire clan from Agusan del Sur. We chitchatted for awhile. It was nice seeing them again after a long time. And here's more, I also saw a HS batch mate Amay who is now Davao-based and a HS schoolmate Ellen Niog with their families as well. Ain't that surprising?  Hehehe!

Anyhow, we paid for lunch buffet (there was a long line) and they said we had to wait. We waited at the children's park down by the restaurant. We can not go anywhere because we did not want to miss the lunch. We waited for like an hour and a half, maybe two hours, until we couldn't wait any longer. Hubby was not complaining but I knew that he was already starving. The waiting pissed me off so I thought to just get my money back and have lunch somewhere else. I talked to one of the busy girls in the receiving area. I was a little bitchy already but she remained so polite and calm, in fairness, explaining that she couldn't refund the exact amount we paid because we need to pay entrance fee of Php200 something pesos or we can just have the plated snacks. She said snacks are available right away. That somehow consoled me. So, we had plated snacks and got the rest of my money.

Afterwards, we left and went to a restaurant inside G-Mall of Toril, Davao City for a good lunch then we headed to Philippine Eagle Center.

I recommend to come to this place on weekdays only.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Malipano Island, Pearl Farm Beach Resort

Going to Malipano Island, another property of the Pearl Farm Resort. It is where wedding ceremony, debut party, and the likes are held. The boat ride is free. Just ask the staff assigned in the Parola.
The view of the island from afar

The docking station is made of plastic. It looks like a bunch of big squarish plastic containers  tied up together. It was really unique.

Oh, how sweet! Dad and daughter bonding. Hubby was not feeling good at that time but he wanted to pick up sea shells for his co-worker Patty as pasalubong.

Hubby and I looking for sea shells

The beauty of the tall coconut trees is just lovely. I thought there was  a golf course here somewhere but then I realized that it has not enough area.

It was really hot while we were walking around but this scenery is just refreshing.

Like us, this proud Peacock wanders around the area too and doesn't mind our presence at all.

Another beautiful scenery. It was very quiet here and I liked it a lot.

This path is going to the Villas, exclusive for Villa staying guests only. Those villas are very very expensive. The rates can go as high as Php58,000.00 per night. Yes, ridiculous.

The reception area or the preparation area for weddings, birthday parties, etc

This was prepared for a wedding ceremony  at 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon.

There was nothing to do after roaming around and picking up some sea shells and we were thirsty already so we decided to go back to the main resort. Use of umbrella (which can be found in the Parola) while roaming around this place is a must  and don't forget to bring a bottle of water with you. 

If you can afford (I can not) to have your wedding held here or to celebrate birthday, anniversary or any special occasion, I would recommend this place. It is very quiet, intimate, and the scenery is just perfect.

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Davao Pearl Farm Escapade Part II

Hi there, this is a continuation of my Davao Pearl Farm Escapade Part I. Please bear with my face in every photo here. Thank you.

A pose while waiting for the shuttle going to Balay/HillTop, 
where our room is located.

We could have used the cemented steps behind me but I am afraid hubby would be catching his breath halfway so I requested for a shuttle. The driver was very nice and knowledgeable about the place, he even offered to take us to the other side of the property where fancy houses/huts are located but we were not interested that time, we declined and thanked him.

 The bed. It is huge.

We paid for an extra bed for my daughter and it was just perfect for her. The room had complimentary coffee, bottled water, bananas (yep, the fruit, and they were very sweet), and two pairs of slippers. Few minutes after we got into the room, the housekeeping staff knocked on the door to give us a complimentary cookies.

  The view at night in the Parola lobby.

Hubby and I were walking around the beach after our sumptuous dinner when one of the staff invited us to watch a film in the lobby. It was breezy. We enjoyed the film and the free WiFi :)


Just beautiful. 
The water was inviting but I did not take a dip. Just looking at its beauty was already more than enough for me.

I got to talk to two courteous staff assigned at the Parola, I forgot their names (I did ask for their names) and both of them were Trainees as they are both taking up Hotel and Restaurant Management at Iligan Institute of Technology (If my mind serves me right) in Iligan City. I asked them how they ended up at the Pearl Farm Beach Resort, they said they applied through email and got lucky to have been selected. And I learned that they get free meals but they had to pay for their lodging. Interesting, yeah? To those who are Hotel and Restaurant Management students out there, I think this is a good place for internship.

I am so glad we stayed overnight, otherwise, I would have not enjoyed the beauty of the island at sunset, the delicious dinner at the Maranao Restaurant (hubby loved their American foods served in the buffet table) and, the fresh and clean morning breeze.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Davao Pearl Farm Beach Resort Escapade- Part I

Signage at the Davao Marina Wharf where Pearl Farm Beach Resort's office is located. It is also where we registered/checked-in. The guard at the gate will check your reservation paper before you can get in.

Hubby and I at the lobby while waiting for our turn to register.
Getting into the boat
We walked about a quarter of a mile from the office to get into the boat. The heat of the sun was pretty intense but it was breezy as well.
Inside the boat. It was full. Heard there was a wedding the following day.
A selfie with daughter Jen. I love this photo of me and her.
The view as we were approaching. Just simply pretty.
The Parola where we docked. The smiling and polite staff welcomed us with a glass of refreshing juice and a hot towel (not pictured).
I can't help but take a photo of this gorgeous houses while an orientation is going on about the resort and its amenities at the Parola.
The swimming pool and the sea water in one beautiful view.

I wanted hubby to experience a little "luxury" in the Philippines so I took him to Davao Pearl Farm Beach Resort. I was hoping my son could join us but he had extensions duty in Tagum City so it was only hubby, my daughter, and I who enjoyed this paradise spot in the Island Garden City of Samal.

I said "luxury" because this place is pretty darn expensive. We spent Php10,200.00 for one night. Boat transfer, use of two swimming pools, use of 2 snorkeling gears and breakfast for 3, all inclusive. That was the cheapest rate that I could get. Their dinner buffet costs Php999.00 per person, drinks not included.We spent Php3,600.00 including tip for our dinner alone.  It was a good thing that hubby doesn't like to stay in a house or a room facing the seawater or by the beach side, otherwise, it could have been up to Php14,000.00 or more just for a night. That's already 3 nights stay for a discounted room in Marco Polo Davao Hotel, hehehe! But then Davao Pearl Farm is a Beach Resort, not a hotel.

I could have spent a lot  more, had I not called and inquired about their best rate and booked thru their office in Davao City. I had to send copies of my Driver's License and Credit Card via email though. If you want to get a good deal, do not book it online, do not go on weekends and on holidays. Inquire for any promo or better yet, ask for a Bed and Breakfast package which what we've got. They have a day tour package but it is still pricey and to stay overnight is really worth it. 

The last two photos above are taken from the Parola. We have just arrived at the resort as I captured them. There are more info and photos on my next post.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Chedson's Suites in San Francisco, Agusan del Sur

I am guessing that the name of this hotel was taken from CH-erry (the wife's name), EDwin (husband's name), SON from InSON, their last name. I should have asked my former co-worker Ate Inday if I was right. She recommended this place because it is owned by her sister Cherry Inson whom I personally know as well. We even had a little talk when we checked in. I also know her husband but apparently he did not recognize me when I said "Hi" and waved at him because as he greeted back his face looked like "who the hell are you?", hehehe!

Anyway, this place is new, in fact they were doing some little finishing touches here and there but the room is really pretty and very neat. The bathroom with hot and cold shower is kind of small for an American guest like hubby but for me it is just perfect. The coffee is not free but you can buy it from the front desk and hot/cold water is available in the lobby which we did not notice until the second night.  Hubby had to go to Jollibee to get coffee, hehehe! The room has 2 mugs carefully wrapped in a brown paper for the guests to use. I did not know that they serve breakfast until the front desk clerk told me that she was taking other guest downstairs for breakfast. I was wondering how much would it be.

The room rate was 1,500PhP with 2 full size beds for 2 persons, and you have to pay extra (which I forgot how much was it), for every extra guest that will stay. My son, daughter and a nephew stayed with us and they were provided with towel, soap and shampoo too. There was no front desk clerk in the night but the Security Guard has always been helpful. 

It was a comfortable stay until the power quit. They had back-up generator but it had been used for a few hours only. Unfortunately, my husband got a flu so we decided to check out a day earlier than scheduled and returned to Davao City. 

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Monday, April 20, 2015

Domicillo Lorenzo Apartelle in Davao City

This was the place that I originally wanted to book for 10 nights but they did not have available rooms on the dates that I wanted. My HS batch mate Akimi recommended their Executive Family Room in the second floor where you can enjoy the garden view in the veranda and I really thought it was perfect for me and for my kids.Too bad they only have 11 rooms in total and they always have a full house.

Hubby got sick while we were in Agusan so we returned to Davao earlier than planned. I looked up online for another place to stay, also close to the kids' apartment and guess what, this place had 1 room left  and it was the Executive Family Room that I have been wanting to get! I was like, "Yeheey!" 

So there. We stayed  for 2 nights. And I noticed that 90% of the guests were foreigners. My friends Vanessa and Lalay were at the lobby catching up until dawn and we witnessed these tipsy looking foreigners with their respective Filipina girls going into their respective rooms from I am guessing, Matina Town Square where there is night life. This place is just minutes away from MTS or Matina Town Square, NCCC Mall, SM Ecoland, Jollibee and Mc Donalds.

The room is spacious and the beds are comfortable. The bathroom is not really bad  except their hot shower quit while my husband was taking a shower and the water  was gone on and off when it was my daughter's turn. The staff were there right away to fix it though. I heard that they have a kitchen somewhere for guests who would like to cook their own food since they do not have restaurant  but I did not have time to check it.

I have two concerns by the way, you cannot cancel your reservations once you booked this place and there were so many mosquitoes in the hotel lobby and in the veranda on night time. 

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The Big House, A Heritage Home in Davao City

It was my beautiful and gorgeous friend Vanessa who recommended The Big House, A Heritage Home when I was looking for a comfortable place close to my kids' rented apartment in Sandawa, Davao City. It is located within her neighborhood in Juna Subdivision. My sister and her husband checked the place out and they liked it so I decided to go ahead and book it online.

The reservation was very fast and easy. I sent them a message via Facebook for my questions and concerns and I got a reply right away. I also sent them email via Gmail and same thing, they replied promptly but thru Facebook was more convenient for me. You can book this place via Agoda and via booking sites.

I have rented their Isaac Room for 9 nights and Luzviminda room for only a night. If you'd ask which room is nicer for me, I would say Luzviminda because it is located on the second floor and there is a veranda connected to it with table and chairs where you can have lunch or dinner while enjoying the garden and street views. I've also rented their Lourdes room for my brother and his small family who visited us for just a night.

They cater parties for special occasions. During our stay, there were quite a few parties held. They also have a restaurant. We got free breakfast everyday. They serve American and Filipino foods. Their beef tapa was my favorite. Their Halo-halo is to die for! Hubby loved their Halo-halo so much that he even ordered it for his breakfast, hehehe!

Their staff are very polite. I had a chitchat with their front desk clerk Janelyn, I was telling her that their hotel is "unknown" to almost everyone. Let's say, 10 out of 10 taxi drivers I have talked had no idea about it. My friends and acquaintances in Davao did not know about it either, except Vanessa of course. Then I learned from Janelyn that this inn is still a "baby". It is less than a year old. Hmm, not bad for a newbie. The only issue I have noticed was the slow drainage in the shower of Isaac and Luzviminda rooms. Other than that, everything was great.

I did not have a photo of Isaac, Luzviminda and Lourdes rooms but you may search their Facebook Account, The Big House, A Heritage Home for photos and for questions.

If you are looking for an inn or a home away from from home near Ecoland and Sandawa in Davao City, check this place out. It is very close to NCCC Mall, SM Ecoland, Jollibee, McDonalds and Matina Town Square (MTS).

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